Finding Digital Marketing Jobs for Freshers

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You are passionate about digital marketing and you want to land a job so bad but things aren’t working out you.  No need to worry anymore.


After reading this post, you will discover a simplified step-by-step guide that will get you well on your way to landing your first digital marketing job. This is because digital marketing is for you and you deserve to earn a living from it.


Contrary to what most people think about digital marketing, it doesn’t take a guru to land the perfect job. You only have to do a few things right and you are good to go.

This article is inspired by the fact that there is little advise on the internet that you can bank on to get a digital marketing job let alone building a career in digital marketing.

To start us of, it would be better to take a detailed look at the different careers that you can get your digital marketing job from before going further.

As I pointed out in this guide ( “Simple Step-by-Step Guide To Digital Marketing”) , digital marketing is a broad field that covers the following careers:



Even better, let me define the jobs in these careers so that you can pick the right one for you. I have been approached by many people who wanted to know if it is easy to master any of these within some few month and apply for cognizant Digital Marketing Jobs or Google Digital Marketing Jobs. Well We will discuss this later

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing is a broad term for a specific sector of the marketing field. Simply put, any online marketing tactic (email, websites, search engines, social media, etc.) falls under its umbrella. (In fact, the remaining four job titles on this list are all subspecialties of digital marketing.) A professional with this job title likely has some knowledge in all of these areas, helping execute an organization’s online marketing strategy.

Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is simply the use of social media channels by a business to promote it’s products or services, brand itself effectively and meet other objectives.

A social media manager, therefore, helps businesses achieve all this by creating and promoting content on social media.

Search Engine Specialist

In order to target their audience through search engines, businesses seek the services of an experienced search engine marketer.

Ideally, this will be somone with a good understanding of search engine advertising tools such as Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo’s Search Ads.

Digital Display Advertising Expert

Besides social media and search engines, advertisers also get to showcase their ads on websites and mobile applications.

As a digital display advertising expert, you should be able to help businesses leverage on display ads by creating ads, reviewing, and reporting on the success of the display advertisements.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is quite an interesting field where a business partners with an individual in order to sell a product on their behalf.

As an affiliate marketer, you will be responsible for promoting products from your brands of choice in order to earn a commission on your sales.

Good thing is that there are lot of affiliate marketing programs on the internet waiting for you to sign up and Kickstart your hustle.

Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialists are responsible for crafting and distributing helpful, relevant content for an identified audience. Content could be in the form of blog articles, newsletters, infographics, videos, quizzes, games and more. Content marketing tactics can drive traffic to a company’s website, build brand awareness and ultimately help drive sales.

Social Media Influencer

An influential person is one who has made a name for themselves in a certain industry over time. Because of this, they can easily sway the decision of their audience.

In digital marketing, brands entrust influencers to get the word out about their products.

Email Marketing Expert

Sending emails requires some form of expertise so that a business gets to stand out and communicate effectively.

This is where an email marketer comes in. With a well crafted email marketing campaign, you should be able to increase the overall open rates, click through rates and other performance indicators that translates to increased conversions.


Copywriting might appear to be related with some of the careers I have mentioned so far but it is not. Since a copywriter’s input is needed when creating copy for email marketing, search engine marketing or display advertising, there is that confusion

However, unlike in most of these careers, a copywriter is only responsible for creating copies that converts and is not required to advertise on behalf of a business.


Marketing Automation Specialist

Marketing automation refers to the technology or software companies use to effectively market to their audience on multiple channels, such as websites, email, chat, social media and more. While the technology automates the process, marketing automation specialists are needed to help develop the strategy, monitor the software and analyze the results. Their objective is to help deliver the right message to the right person at the right time, with the ultimate goal of helping drive sales.

You get the difference? Good.

Let us now shift focus and look at:

How to Start a  Career in Digital Marketing

Of course, the first thing you need to do is to acquire the necessary skills. This does not need so much emphasis given that skills are the foundation of every career.

The best part is that you don’t have to spend all your money to learn skills in Digital Marketing. There are tons of free courses which you can learn to acquire skills in digital marketing online or better still you can sign up for my Digital Marketing Mastery class … 🙂

After learning the skills, your need to focus on building a portfolio. Well, let’s make this a bit simpler by looking at it this way:

Would you hire a sales person who does not have a proven track record in selling ?
Is one even an influencer without without proof of a sizeable online audience ?


You can’t neglect the need to build a portfolio because that’s how you are going to convince people that you are a good fit for the job.


Often, getting experience on the job can take some time especially if you are just starting out. In this case, you can start a niche blog to demonstrate your expertise, promote a relative’s business on social media for free… that’s how i started my Digital Marketing Career


It’s time to build connections and reach out.


You realise how easy it is to make connections on the internet. Yes, it is and that’s why most people don’t do it right.


When connecting on social media, for example, there is a right way to go about it and the wrong way. Here is how to do it better:

  • Make a list of people in your field that you would like to reach out to.
  • Send connection requests followed by an introduction that says who you are and thanking them for accepting your friend request.
  • You can start adding value by commenting, liking or sharing their content.


By reaching out in a professional manner that adds value to a person, you are better placed to build a lasting relationship as opposed to making it all about you which is, in itself, a selfish move.


Your network is actually your networth and with the right connection, you should be well on your way to landing your next job in digital marketing.


That said, it’s time for a bonus tip. And it’s all about the most important skill in digital marketing- customer service.


In almost every field of digital marketing you choose, customers service is a necessity. In social media marketing, for example, engaging with your brand’s requires great customer service skills.


A dissatisfied customer can turn into a loyal customer just from being served well.


So are you ready to land your digital marketing job?


Finding Digital Marketing Jobs

This is normally one of the biggest hurdles for professionals looking for digital marketing jobs, where to look or search for digital jobs, how to apply and how to prepare for digital marketing job interviews.


Comment and let me know your thoughts

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