How to Make Extra Income with Your Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Markeing Side Hustle

Do you have some free time outside your full-time job schedule to start a Digital Marketing Side Hustle ?

Do you need an extra stream of income and you are wondering how to go about it?

You are not alone..

Most people feel that making some extra money could strengthen their financial capability but get stuck on how to go about it.

Thanks to digital marketing, you can now take up a side hustle that does not compromise your full-time job.

In this blogpost, I will help you answer the most important questions that everyone fears the most when it comes to starting a side hustle in digital marketing:

  • What opportunities are there in Digital Marketing?
  • How do I get started?
  • Why do most people fail after starting a side hustle in Digital Marketing?
  • How do I avoid failure once I get started?

Ready to kickstart your side hustle?


Let us look at the opportunities to consider in Digital Marketing?

As I mentioned in this guide (link to “Step-by-Step Guide To Digital Marketing”), there are lots of careers options in digital marketing.

But you have to ask yourself one question, though….

Would you rather narrow down to one career or go the whole hog?

If you like to get your hands on everything, you can opt for the latter. If you like to narrow down to one thing, here is a list of exciting careers to choose from:

  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing manager
  • Social media manager
  • Email marketing manager
  • Search engine expert
  • Web analytics manager
  • Ecommerce expert


Which one do you think is a good fit for you?

Not yet decided? Here is how to make your choice from the list.

Do you write attention-grabbing copies that keep the reader hooked to the end and leaving them yearning for more? Copywriting is your thing.

Do you know your way around content strategies, editorial calendars and all? You can make a good content marketing manager.

Does the thought of using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media platforms to market a company’s products and services excite you? Do you know how to automate the content creation and scheduling process? Try social media management.

Do you write killer email subject lines and follow it up with a personalized message that increases the open rates and the click through rates? Can you work with the best email marketing tools to make things run perfectly? Try email marketing.

Can you help businesses rank better on search engines with paid advertising and by optimizing the content? Search engine marketing is your ideal side hustle.

Does web data excite you? Can you turn data into great marketing insights for business? You might consider being a web analytic manager.

Can you optimize an ecommerce platform to drive a higher sales rate for a business? How about being an ecommerce consultant on the side?

Which field do you think is a right fit for your side hustle?


Let us look at how to get things started in digital marketing.

If you picture yourself in the digital marketing career path, what is the first thing you need to have?

Take a guess. I will wait…

You are right, you will need to learn the skills in whatever you wish to pursue that pertains to digital marketing.

There are a lot of resources on platforms such YouTube, Amazon, and Udemy to get you started on this.

Now you have the skills, what’s next?

Identify a niche that is in line with your passion.

Let’s face it, you don’t want to pursue something that is bogs you down leaving you unproductive in your full-time job and eating up your peace of mind. Do you?

That’s where your passion comes in- something you love and enjoying doing.

After identifying your passion, you have to pick a niche that your side hustle will help solve a problem in. Picking a niche requires some sort of research and the results of a well-researched niche are worth every effort.

Is that all with getting started in digital marketing? How about the money? How do you start earning? Where do you find clients?

When it comes to sourcing for clients, there are two ways to go about it:

  • Cold pitching
  • Join freelancer platforms

Cold Pitching

is all about sending value-rich emails to prospective clients. You pitch your ideas to these clients by showcasing how your product or service is going to address their need. If they like it, you’ve got a deal. If they don’t, you continue pitching.

Do you like the idea of cold pitching? There is also an alternative to this…

You can create an outstanding profile on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr or and start submitting proposals to potential clients in your area of expertise.

We have the career opportunities figured and we know how to kickstart our side hustle but what are the chances of failing in your side hustle?

Why do most Digital Marketing Side hustles Fail?

Failure is mostly due to poor planning and we can minimize the risks by looking at why most people fail after starting a side hustle in digital marketing and how to make your side hustle a success.

As mentioned above, failure is mostly due to poor planning but there is still more to that:

Lack of Dedication

Think of a side hustle as just another business venture. What will happen if you don’t put in the time and effort?

You are right, it will crumble.

There really is no shortcut when it comes to a career in digital marketing- you have to be as committed as you are on your 9-5.

The best way to go about it is to set a clear schedule that sees to it that everything is attended to.


Most people get take up a side hustle with the objective to quit their job within the shortest time possible.

But what happens when your side hustle doesn’t thrive as anticipated?

Well, let’s face it, a digital marketing side hustle is  hard to scale due to the little input.

If you are looking to build an empire within months, this can be a little disappointing.

So don’t quit your job yet or do something that might compromise your main source of income.

Taking on Side Hustle Debt

Side hustles require some form of capital, there is no denying.

Does this mean you break your bank or get into debt trying to secure a side hustle?

Absolutely not.

A digital marketing side hustle requires little starting capital and you should try as much as possible to minimize on the cost while starting out.

Bottom line

To start your digital marketing side hustle and launch it to great success, it pays to venture into a filled that you are skilled and passionate about.

That way, you are all set for an extra stream of income if you do this to avoid the common pitfalls:

  • Plan well ahead
  • Put in the time and effort
  • And don’t be too overambitious as to neglect your main source of income- this is only a side hustle, remember.

Are you ready to kickstart your digital marketing career?

Let me know which area you are going to focus on in the comment section.


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