Secrets to Pursuing a Digital Marketing Career with Ease

Digital Marketing Career

Do you have an expert you look up to because of his/her Digital Marketing Career?

Do you aspire to be as good?

Well, we both know that they didn’t just wake up and find themselves at the top.

They worked hard to earn their rightful place at the helm of a digital marketing career.

So what’s the secret to being so good?

In this post, I am going to walk you through the secrets of pursuing a successful digital marketing career.

In fact, I will be sharing the same secrets I have used to build my digital marketing career over the years.

But before we dive into the secrets, what do you think describes the best digital marketer?

  • Are they quite knowledgeable on all things digital marketing?
  • Do they have an outstanding brand?
  • Are they good at networking?

If you have nodded along to all this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you to know that they have a lot in common.

And these are exactly the tips I am about to share with you…

Are you ready?

Let’s check them out..

Remember this is all I have been doing to remain relevant in digital marketing:

Learn as much as you can

You never stop learning when it comes to digital marketing.

Yup, you have to keep up with the latest social media marketing tools, algorithm updates and know how to use daily digital trends to solve a problem for businesses.

The online space is quite evolving and digital marketing channels are always making changes for a better user experience.

When they do, it’s a game changer!

Earlier in 2018, for example, Facebook announced a major algorithm update where it was set to prioritize posts from individuals over branded content.

And what did this mean for brands that advertise on the platform?

It dealt a huge blow to their organic reach; it was going to decline. Drastically.

Since a lot of brands bank on their organic reach for social media, your expertise will come in handy to save the situation. Don’t you think?

By staying up to date with the industry trends, I am able to chip in and help brands when faced with similar challenges.

…. which brings us to our next secret :

Put your skills to test

All that learning cannot amount to anything if you don’t put what you learn in theory into practice.

This means you have to:

  • Interact with the social media scheduling tools
  • Create and run ads on search engines
  • Interact with the content management systems
  • And do pretty much everything that pertains to your field.

The good thing about getting to do it is that some of the things you learn in theory turn out a little different when put into practice.

Start with what you can get your hands on..

Like managing social media accounts, running ads on multiple platforms before proceeding to the more technical stuff.

This not only gives you great hands-on experience but also builds your portfolio in the process.

Speaking of building portfolios, this next secret will help you stand out with a perfect online resume.

How do you do all these if you don’t have a job ?

From my experience , after learning , taking almost all the trainings,, attending webinars, local events , downloaiding and reading every book i could find , i started off by doing pro bono jobs for my friends and family,

I had a cousin who had started a fashion business , so i helped her set up a Facebook and Instagram account , edited graphics and did most part of the copies for posting.

Over time i was able to build a good portfolio by just helping people around with their digital marketing need.

What do you think ? Would you want to try that ?

Have an outstanding online presence

It doesn’t take much convincing to agree that your online brand accounts for close to 90% of your career’s success.

Does it?

If you look at the most established digital marketers, you will learn that they have invested a lot of effort in building their brand.

My Linkedin Page is all the proof you need☺

The good thing about building your brand is that there is nothing technical about it.

… for starters, all you need is to:

  • Maximize on Social Media , mainly LinkedIn
  • If you can write , start a blog like me
  • Or speak at events


LinkedIn is more of an online resume and a place where professionals love to ‘hangout’.


When it comes to the key areas to focus on when building a LinkedIn profile, this is all you need to know…



  • A professional profile photo shot on a plain background
  • A bio description that captures your skillset
  • Your work history
  • Education background
  • Your skills
  • And a portfolio


Can you bank on LinkedIn alone to highlight your online presence?


Absolutely not…


You will need to buy a custom domain.


Whether your domain leads to a one-page site that tells people about you or a fully developed website, it’s the best way to brand yourself effectively.


Next, you need to blog about it.


How else can you showcase your expertise in digital marketing other than writing about it?


This my best top secret when it comes to establishing yourself online.


And here are the perks of having a blog:


  • You establish yourself as an industry thought leader


By writing about different topics in a way that:

  • Addresses industry-related problems
  • Answers the questions that your readers experience


….they simply get to see you as an expert in your field.


  • You stand a chance to rank higher on search engines


Yup, by creating content, you not only position yourself as a thought leader but it also helps search engines index your website.


This can be done by following the best search engine optimization practices so to boost your visibility on search engines results pages.


So far you have learnt enough to brand yourself effectively. But there is still a missing link to your digital marketing success.


Which is the fact that:


You need to network


Why is networking important in digital marketing?


Well, it is your relationship with people that builds your career.


The best part?


It can be done anywhere- online or offline.


You don’t have to feel the pressure of attending a conference at a physical location.


My secret when it comes to networking online is to:

  • Reach out to other digital marketers on email.
  • Join digital marketing communities.
  • Attend webinars.
  • Or make individual connections on social media platforms and still build a strong network from that.


When networking online, you have to be professional about it given that people get to judge you by what you write as opposed to when you present yourself in person..


With this, you will have to be seen to add some sort value by engaging with their content and giving positive feedback before starting your intention.


Makes sense?


The goal is to have them ‘recognize you from somewhere’ when you finally reach out.


Does it sound like a good way to go about it for you?




How about networking offline?


By attending digital marketing conferences, I get to meet a lot of interesting people out there.


These turn into great digital marketing partners.  Sometimes, they turn out to be industry thought leaders who offer some great insights about digital marketing.


Once in a while, I also get to speak at events and share my expertise as well.


So, instead of limiting myself to one networking option, I opt to do it online and offline in order to maximize on the results.


Oh, and I do have a lot of fun while at it! You should too.




Succeeding in digital marketing isn’t really that hard.


Is it?


Just gain the necessary knowledge, put the skills to test, build a strong brand online and build relationships with other professionals in your field.

So, are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Which secrets have you been using so far? Let me know which tip stood out for you in the comments.

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide To Digital Marketing



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