How to Get Free Instagram Followers – Step By Step Guide To 10k Followers

free Instagram Followers

Getting Instagram followers is not easy these days at it was a few years ago. Both technology and people have revolutionized. This short guide is


Now, you need more effort and more technical approach to get free Instagram followers and beat the competition of smart brands who are already very technical in their approach and catch up the ultra-smart algorithm of Instagram.


According to recent statistics made by The Statistics Portal, there are more than 200 million active members, sharing and liking things on Instagram; so it is a time to make your brand famous among those people who are sharing, liking, tagging and commenting.


In this guide on how to get on how to get followers on instagram , or better still how to get how to get 10k followers on instagram , I will be sharing some easy tactics about how to get followers on Instagram which you can adapt, and you will see your Instagram followers going boom in front of you.

You need to be a little smart and understand a few things so let’s get started.


What is Instagram?

free instagram followers

Before proceeding to our primary objective, you must know what Instagram is? If you search “what is Instagram?” on the internet, you will find out that Instagram is a social networking app where people can share photos and videos from their smartphones.


You post any photo or video and it goes on your profile and people can like it and comment on it. You can follow other people and see their photos and videos in their feed. It looks like a simplified version of Facebook with an emphasis on the mobile user and photos


Yes, it is a 100% mobile social media app. Therefore it targets almost all the smartphone users in the world. Really? Seems an excellent opportunity to make a business famous among smart phone users.

However, Instagram is all about followers; they can take you from zero to hero. You need followers because they are the driving force for you. Only followers can make your survival guaranteed on this humongous smartphone users’ platform.


How can it be made possible? How to gain free followers on Instagram for your brand? Let me answer these questions in a very strategic way.


  • Use Creative Hashtags

instagram Hashtags

Instagram does not work without hashtags, just like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Your awesome photos and videos are just a piece of junk if you don’t use hashtags when posting them.In this regard, you need to look beyond the usual one or two words hashtags and captions. Instead, create a statement that clearly describes your goal without using too many words.


The Big idea is to be be funny, mad, ironic, romantic, outrageous but please don’t be boring because people scroll down the boring stuff.Write winning captions and post your best photos and videos, you will see the user engagement for sure.


If you are too specific in your hashtags and using only specific terms like “your brand name” then you are not in the big conversation. There are lots of people searching “trending” on Instagram, and the search algorithms of Instagram shows them whichever photo has “trending” in their hashtags.


You can try this as well for all of your posts. Specific hashtags help you find specific people, but they won’t gain you more followers. So, try to be in a big conversation and use trending hashtags because trending hashtags like #instagood #trending #photoofthe day get you in front of more people which let them see your posts and decide to follow or not.


  •  Inclusive Bio and Profile

Your profile needs your attention if you want more Instagram followers in 2019. Yes, your profile and your feed is the most important thing because this is the deciding factor whether to follow you or not.Your profile photo should be great, and your Instagram bio should be effective and complete.


There should be proper hashtags representing you and a link to your website. Don’t spam. I guarantee you that one who reads your profile will follow you if your profile has something interesting and I am saying this out of my personal experience.Your editing style should be consistent with your brand and make sure that every post and every aspect aligns with the editing pattern which you have chosen for your brand.


So whatever you post, either it is a photo, a video or an Instagram story, make sure that it aligns with your editing pattern and represents your brand. You can decide the look of your Instagram feed by yourself, or you can use Instagram marketing platforms like Later, for this purpose, or if you know Photoshop then it could be very handy.



  • Join Instagram Engagement Groups

instagram engagement groups


The most useful tactics for beginners is to join Instagram groups. Joining the engagement groups will increase the number of followers fastly. How? Being part of a specific group means you will get targeted list of more Instagram followers that are closely related to your interest. Hence, the number of followers and likes increase drastically with these groups.



  • Use  of  Trending Hashtag

If you are too specific in your hashtags and using only specific terms like “your brand name” then you are not in the big conversation. There are lots of people searching “trending” on Instagram, and the search algorithms of Instagram shows them whichever photo has “trending” in their hashtags.


You can try this as well for all of your posts. Specific hashtags help you find specific people, but they won’t gain you more followers. So, try to be in a big conversation and use trending hashtags because trending hashtags like #instagood #trending #photoofthe day get you in front of more people which let them see your posts and decide to follow or not.

how to get free followers on instagram



  • Follow for Follow Technique

Once you have reached a healthy amount of followers like 900-1000 followers, you can try this follow for follow technique. What you need to do is:

  • Search and find bigger Instagram accounts related to your category. More like having 50,000+ followers
  • Find out whether the majority of their followers are real or not. If yes, then open up their follower list and start following these accounts.
  • Try to follow those accounts which have a human profile photo and have some posts and real followers in them.
  • After some time, check who is following you back and who is not. Unfollow those accounts which are not following you.
  • There are plenty of Android and iOS apps which can find out who is following you and who is not. some of these apps include SimplyMeasured and InstaFollow.
  • People are more inclined to follow back those accounts which look real, have more followers than them and have a nicely designed, neat and clean post.

Your work is not done yet. Now you should interact with them once they followed you back. Every time they post something new, be the first to comment on their profiles and be human because there are already many people saying “nice post,” “so true”, ”this is cool” like stuff. Be more conversational.


  • Be Descriptive with your Captions

No doubt, a picture is a worth a thousand words, but you cannot ignore the importance of words. A brief description of your photo, video or story will come handy, that help you in engaging more people.

If there is only a picture, then user might see it, taps it, and scrolls down, but if you put some quality content with the picture, the user will stay longer on your post, and there is an opportunity that he will go to your profile and starts following you because picture matters but content is king.


  • Repost Other’s Content

Creating a mind-blowing content is not that easy for everyone, but it doesn’t mean you cannot get the highest number of followers. An easy trick is to repost other people content on your profile. But the Instagram policy didn’t allow this, so you have to ask for permission first. But it’s not satisfying.

For making it more simple, just take the screenshot of the most amazing content on Instagram and post it as your own.

But what about reposting the video content? There are many apps like Repost app which help you in reposting the video content without any issue. Without any effort of making a high-class material you still get more likes, comment, and followers.


  • Promotion on Other Platforms

It will be a great idea if you post your Instagram content on other platforms like Facebook, twitter, youtube channel, your website or blog whatever you have and where people visit on a daily basis.


Sharing your Instagram stuff on all social media platform is an intelligent move for attracting everyone to your Instagram. You can only post screenshots on your website and invite them to find out more on Instagram, or you can directly post your Instagram posts to Facebook and ask them to follow on Instagram as well.

If you send emails on a regular basis, then integrate a beautiful Instagram invitation in your emails as well so that people find it exciting and get to your Instagram account.


  • Share Your Selfies

Yes, you can get more Instagram followers by sharing your selfies because Instagram is a very social place and people want to follow those accounts which are more human.


Either you are brand, or you are an individual, keep sharing your selfies to give a personal look of your Instagram account because people feel comfortable while conversing to a human instead of a brand.


Therefore, it is important to make your Instagram account as personal as possible because photos with faces get 40% more likes on Instagram according to research of Dan Zarella. So, show yourself and your brand to the people so that you could get more followers.



  • Be Social

instagram tools

Instagram is a social media platform. Why you are on Instagram if you are not here for socializing? Being social simply means keeping in touch with more people so ‘Be Social’ for attracting more followers. A silent Instagram account is like a person sitting lonely on the road if you want to be followed by more people, be a magnet for them in different ways.

Posting good quality content is one thing that is important but socializing with others is also important. From the very first day, like and comment on the photos, videos and Instagram stories of people and engage them.


Eventually, they will end up following you if you are good at your communication with the Instagram community. People tend to follow back if you constantly like and share their photos.


So, see the content of others, like their content, mention them in the comment box and write good attention seeking comment. You will end up gaining more Instagram followers for free. According to Neil Patel, he has done this trick and he concluded that after liking 100 random posts, he has gained an average of 6.5 followers.


  • Focus on the Content

Your major focus should be towards your content because this is what people seek. Use the Mayfair filter because it is the most effective filter for marketers.

According to Instagram, the Mayfair filter creates “a warm pink tone, subtle vignetting that brightens the center of the photograph, and a thin black border.” Here’s an example of an Instagram post using the Mayfair filter from American Airlines.


Whenever you post, ask simple questions in the captions which people can answer.

Alternatively, you can simply use the call to actions in your photo captions. You can do this by asking them to take further actions like “what you think about this? Let me know in the comment box”.

In this way, you will get more engagements which will end up in an increase in your number of followers eventually.


  • Select The Best Time To Post

best time to post on instagram

Besides all the tricks and technique the time of post also matters. Posting a picture on Monday morning when everyone is busy with their work will put your post in trash as no one is available at this time. Instead, try to post on weekend and mostly Sunday when everyone is almost free for spending time on instagram feed.

It does not mean that you should not post on the other days. Instead, you have to be consistent, and you should post on a regular basis but you should publish more on weekends to speed up this process.



  • Technical Things to Do

There are some tools which you can use to help yourself in increasing your number of followers. Like Piqora, you can use this tool to see which type of photos are leading to the highest engagement on Instagram. Once you have found out the most engaging photos, post more of them on your profile.



  • Use Geotagging

If you are a local business like a restaurant, hotel, real estate, law office , plumber, electrician etc, then you must use geotagging in your Instagram posts because when you do this, other people who post their photos in your region will see your images as well on the location’s page. Therefore, this is a great Instagram strategy for local business to get local Instagram followers for free.

how to get more followers on instagram cheat

  • Schedule Your Post with Apps

Use apps like Later to schedule and publish your posts publishing on Instagram consistently is a key to get more followers. No one has time to create posts time after time and publish them. In this situation, scheduling comes handy, and you can schedule your whole day’s or whole week’s photos at once.There are a lot of instagram apps available in the play store and the app store

free instagram followers instantly


  • Invite an Influencer

Invite an influencer to post on your account who has tons of followers. Inviting such a guest with a huge amount of followers will be a great idea. Ask him to guest post on your account and mention it on his/her account and inevitably you will end up getting more people to check out your account and gaining more and some  followers from that.



Getting enough followers on Instagram is probably a headache in the beginning, but with the implementation of these above tricks and tools, you will see a massive increase. Consistency matters a lot when you are just starting your way to followers. Keep using these techniques to get visible results. All the efforts are going to pay off at the end and then you don’t need to do all these things. Your number of followers will surely make you proud soon.

Are you looking at marketing or selling  your business or product on instagram ? Do you have a favorite Instagram hack or trick to share?

Leave yours in the comments below!

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